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CAW Rising - Functional Fitness Studio

Where Fitness Becomes Your Lifestyle

About CAW Rising Fit Studio

Do you want to get fit but never have time for the gym? Are you lazy to work out on your own? Join CAW Rising Fit Studio if you want to achieve your goals.

Our Classes

Join CAW Rising and Transform Your Body and Mind


Imagine if you could train for yourself, but nit by yourself? The CAW Community has a place for every body type and goal.


Our motto is FIT, FRIENDLY and FOCUSED


Every top performer in every of human endeavor has a coach. At CAW, we will be that coach and motivating force to spearhead the achievement of your physical, mental and fitness goals.


When you hire a personal trainer, you're paying him/her to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. With his expertise, he'll show you the best exercises to do at the right intensity and frequency to get you to those goals as quickly as possible.

But a trainer isn't a magic pill. The results you'll see with a trainer depend on the time invested per week and the goals themselves. While noticeable results in muscle mass and fat loss could take up to four weeks, most people see an increase in motivation, enthusiasm and energy from the get-go.

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